Watered-down blobs of typeset

March 17, 2007

I thought you might like this slide as much as I do. It reminds me to keep working to achieve the purposeful intent of blog posts – to make them useful for readers – rather than allowing posts to become watered-down blobs of typeset.

The slide comes from Kathy Sierra as part of the Microbrand panel at SXSW. Her full slide presentation is here (4.7 MB). [Via Jake McKee.]

Kathy primarily expressed a message of blogging with gratefulness. Which reminds me…

Thank you for reading the Stronger Teams Blog!

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Five things I learned in February 2007

February 22, 2007


February is a short month (and my birthday month), but it’s been chock full of learning for me. How about you?

Here are five things I learned this month:

SJO1. You can get free online access to SAGE journals until the end of the month! I have used SAGE products for years and the journal articles include a wide range of topics. Hurry; only 5 days left.

2. Everyone looks for a little something different in a book review. However, one universal truth is that you have to act fast if you want to be a featured reviewer during A JJL Love Affair with Books being offered throughout March.

3. Relationship Bloggers will soon have their own conference and networking event, SOBCon07. Chicago is the place – May 11-12 are the dates – for interactive presentations on publishing, design and branding, tools, analytics, social networking, marketing, coaching and all forms of relationship geekery.

4. bubbl.us offers a useful, free mind-mapping tool that can quickly become addictive. I have only used it for personal brainstorming so far, and I look forward to using it for collaboration. [Shout out to Steve for the tip.]

5. A single person, a small group, even an online learning community, can initiate actions that ripple through their environment. I’ve learned this before, but reminders of the big impact of small actions were everywhere this month. The gift of a single red rose; scraping ice from a stranger’s windshield; reaching out to a friend who was traveling during the year-end holidays; leaving a comment for the first time on a favorite blog.

Rosa Say started Rapid Fire Learning (RFL) in January 2007 at Joyful Jubilant Learning.

Please share your own RFL 5 things you learned this February – in comments below, over at JJL, or in a post on your blog (and remember to trackback!).

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Gaining value from blogging and being thankful for learning

November 13, 2006

Two “online polling” items for your consideration today…

Item 1.


A few months back, CK (Christina Kerley) asked some of her marketing community readers a question: What is the single greatest point of value you receive from blogging? The responses are in and CK offers this post, a compilation (in PDF), and the very creative Voice-in collage shown at the right.

I identify with many of the comments about gaining value from blogging. Here are two examples:

I think the single real reason I blog is a cocktail of community and conversations: the Connection Cocktail. It’s about connecting with other writers, connecting your thoughts with theirs, understanding issues from many points of view and all of that connection encouraging growth as a writer, as a person, as a thinker, as a professional. Ann Handley

The biggest think for me is that it gives me a whiteboard to organize my thoughts. I find that I rarely have time to think in a day, and by committing what’s in my head to a post, I get past the cobwebs and into the deeper parts of my brain where it turns out I’m more organized than I thought. Ryan Anderson

My own answer would be that I gain value from blogging because it allows me to think and learn more about teamwork in professional organizations by connecting with smart, fun and stimulating people and engaging in one of my favorite activities – writing.

What is the greatest value you gain from writing a blog or from reading blogs?

Item 2.

quill.gifJoyful Jubilant Learning, is also polling the online community by asking, “How would you finish this phrase?”

“I am thankful that I am a Joyful Jubilant Learner! Why? Since October I have learned …”

I know I learned a lot from the online community every month – perhaps you do too. I encourage you to share your learning by sending your answers in 50 words or less to the JJL Community Mailbox by 12noon Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, November 22nd.

The responses will be compiled and published on Thanksgiving Day (a U.S. holiday), November 23rd. And don’t forget to stop by Joyful Jubilant Learning regularly!

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