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Three for 3/31.

The Practice of Leadership
It’s only in the practice of leadership that we influence our world…

[Regarding Patrick Lencioni’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”] The book is a small and easy to read and the model provided is simple to understand making it a powerful tool for helping teams improve. I highly recommend this book to anyone, who leads a team. This book will help you understand what a successful team looks and feels like.

Michael’s Thoughts
Think (research, analyze) Write (articles, blog) Engage (consult, speak)

One of the problems in the way we use email is that it creates unnecessary communication missives that all have apparent equal importance when viewed in an individual’s inbox. If we were in a face-to-face (very traditional team model) environment and I was expecting something from you, I’d amble over to your desk and ask “how’s it going with your document?”. You’d answer, and get back to work. In an email-facilitated environment, I send you a message to request an update. Now let’s think through the difference…

All Things Workplace
Real-life Stories, Tips, and Techniques for creating top notch workplaces, performance, and work life. . . for executives, leaders, employees, and their coaches/consultants.

Whenever one person leaves or one person enters a group, the dynamics change. Why? We learn how to function in our groups based on the roles people play, how they play them, and the balance of power and influence that results.That means that each time the group composition changes, it’s a signal to sit down and talk.

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2 Responses to Team linking

  1. Thanks for the kind mention, Blaine. I always enjoy stopping by to see what you are reflecting in your focus on teams. Your synthesis of articles, books, and posts is always thoughtful.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Steve. There’s so much good conversation out there about collaboration and leadership for the workplace!

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