Leaning towards agility by the “enabler guy”

I’m delighted to learn (from Bren) that Skip Angel is blogging again. Skip closed his  previous (and valuable) blog, Random Thoughts from a CTO, in October 2006.

Skip’s new blog , Leaning towards agility, focuses on improving organizations “through Lean and Agile development values, principles and practice.” I have learned a lot about teamwork from other Agile bloggers, such as Raven and Mishkin, and I look forward to Skip’s contribution.

To give you an idea of Skip’s writing, here are some snippets from a his post, When processes were my passion.

I know there are other managers who believe that if you put heavy formal processes, procedures, policies, etc. that you will be considered a great manager… I quickly learned that I didn’t want to become that kind of manager.

…I needed to find “tools” that supported what my strengths were as a manager. While at the same time, allowing those that I manage to play to their particular strengths.

Also realizing that whatever was to be in place for processes needed some flexibility for the unpredictability that the future brings and would provide an environment that would not stifle creativity and innovation.

If you could put any label on me, I guess you could call me the “enabler guy”. I figure out how teams and individuals can become better. If they are better, my job is easier. If they are better, the company is more successful. Now why wouldn’t I want those things as a manager?

Welcome back Skip!

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One Response to Leaning towards agility by the “enabler guy”

  1. Raven says:

    Awesome news! I was bummed when “Random Thoughts from a CTO” was closed and am pleased to find that author/blogger Skip Angel has started a new blog. I’ve subscribed via Bloglines and look forward to reading more great stuff from Skip and his new agile-focused blog.

    Thanks for the tip Blaine!

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