Teamwork versus the Big Bad Wolf

Ever wonder how the Three Little Pigs might have fared if they had worked together instead of going their own ways?

Imagine the dynamics of the team meeting in which the pigs would have discussed and decided what material to use for building their houses. It’s unlikely that houses constructed of straw or sticks would have ever made the cut. You also can bet the team would have communicated early about the problem of the big bad wolf, brainstormed ideas, assessed alternative solutions, and developed proactive strategies for addressing the external threat.

Wonder Pets by PRNOn February 19, the Big Bad Wolf will face-off with teamwork, in the form of the Wonder Pets, at least for pre-schoolers who watch Nick Jr. I wrote before that the Wonder Pets are animated teamwork for all ages, and I highly recommend the educational cartoon for youngsters (of all ages.) Here is some additional information:

The Wonder Pets! chronicles the adventures of three funny, singing classroom pets: Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling and Turtle Tuck, who travel the world and use teamwork to save baby animals in distress.

Every episode of The Wonder Pets! is an original mini-operetta filled with world music influences suited to the locale of the day’s adventure. At the end of each school day when the teachers and students have all gone home, the fearless trio become The Wonder Pets!.

In every story, The Wonder Pets! receive a call on a tin-can phone from a baby animal who needs their help. The trio quickly assembles their Flyboat, made from a collection of classroom toys and travel together across oceans, into space, and even back in time to save animals in distress.
Like real preschoolers, The Wonder Pets! have no actual super powers, but they work together as a team to overcome adversity and achieve great success.

February 19 is President’s Day – a holiday for many. If you have young children at home (or just want to check out the top-rated pre-school show), tune in or set your DVR to record the episode.

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