Tag; I’m it! Tag; you’re it!

It started… somewhere…

then Phil Gerbyshak, the relationship geek, tagged Liz.
In SOB fashion, Liz Strauss tagged Ann.
Ann Michael, who loves a challenge, tagged me.

Tag I’m it!  So here are 5 things about me that you didn’t know.

While in 2nd grade, my friend Anna and I were named elementary school King and Queen. We peaked early. Our theme was “mod” (think Laugh-In). I wore tie-die and bell-bottoms; Anna wore a mini-skirt with white Go-Go boots.

Speaking of mod, I hung-out with two particular friends so much in college that we became known as the Mod Squad. We didn’t look too much like the trio on the TV show, but we had the requisite hair styles for the comparison.

Despite being an urbanite, I had some rural-like jobs as a teenager. One job was haying: cutting, raking, baling, hauling and stacking hay. For another, I raised newborn calves. This involved giving each calf a bottle of milk before and after school every day, until they were old enough to eat solid food.

In November 2000, I voted early before traveling to Europe. For 3 days after the election I kept dragging my wife into coffee houses all over Prague to search for English-language television updates on the Florida recount. Who knew that it would take weeks before the courts would make a final selection.

I started blogging, in part, to catch up where I had lagged behind during the Internet revolution. Until sometime in 2005, I had never published a web page and was unskilled at even the basics of html. Not that I am highly skilled now, but at least I am more comfortable with publishing in the online world.

That’s enough about me. How about you… Stacey, Laura, Raven, Dan, and Lisa?

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5 Responses to Tag; I’m it! Tag; you’re it!

  1. ann michael says:

    Hi Blaine!

    Thanks for passing the torch! You have to post a picture of your “do” in college. Did you have the Linc hair cut or Peggy Lipton’s? (Wow – up until today I would have wagered that I would never have said or typed Peggy Lipton again in my life!)


  2. Always did like the number 5!

    Blogs are such social media. Gotta love them. I was tagged yesterday by Carolyn Manning and Tony D. Clark to share five things with you which you may not know about me. Like Tony shared yesterday, what I love about

  3. Ann, I was more the Pete character in the comparison, but I seriously doubt that I’ll be posting a pic from those days. The best thing that I can say is that at least I had a full head of hair back then. 🙂

  4. You raised calves? Very interesting Blaine. I had no idea you were a cowpoke! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Raven says:

    Great, crazy stuff! Thanks for the tag Blaine, my responses are here: http://ravenyoung.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!17376F4C11A91E0E!3341.entry

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