Gaining value from blogging and being thankful for learning

Two “online polling” items for your consideration today…

Item 1.


A few months back, CK (Christina Kerley) asked some of her marketing community readers a question: What is the single greatest point of value you receive from blogging? The responses are in and CK offers this post, a compilation (in PDF), and the very creative Voice-in collage shown at the right.

I identify with many of the comments about gaining value from blogging. Here are two examples:

I think the single real reason I blog is a cocktail of community and conversations: the Connection Cocktail. It’s about connecting with other writers, connecting your thoughts with theirs, understanding issues from many points of view and all of that connection encouraging growth as a writer, as a person, as a thinker, as a professional. Ann Handley

The biggest think for me is that it gives me a whiteboard to organize my thoughts. I find that I rarely have time to think in a day, and by committing what’s in my head to a post, I get past the cobwebs and into the deeper parts of my brain where it turns out I’m more organized than I thought. Ryan Anderson

My own answer would be that I gain value from blogging because it allows me to think and learn more about teamwork in professional organizations by connecting with smart, fun and stimulating people and engaging in one of my favorite activities – writing.

What is the greatest value you gain from writing a blog or from reading blogs?

Item 2.

quill.gifJoyful Jubilant Learning, is also polling the online community by asking, “How would you finish this phrase?”

“I am thankful that I am a Joyful Jubilant Learner! Why? Since October I have learned …”

I know I learned a lot from the online community every month – perhaps you do too. I encourage you to share your learning by sending your answers in 50 words or less to the JJL Community Mailbox by 12noon Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, November 22nd.

The responses will be compiled and published on Thanksgiving Day (a U.S. holiday), November 23rd. And don’t forget to stop by Joyful Jubilant Learning regularly!

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3 Responses to Gaining value from blogging and being thankful for learning

  1. Blaine, I like the Voice In compilation. I was hoping it was a link to a web site to generate something like that. I’ll need to go looking now, someone may have created that kind of generator already.

    Yes, the conversations tend to be cocktail party like, bits here and there but when they do come together for an extended period, they are priceless. Something truly to be thankful for!

  2. annhandley says:

    Isn’t CK just the best…?

    : )

  3. Steve and Ann, thanks for dropping in. I think the cocktail in has several ingredients.

    One part connections and one part conversations, as Ann says. A splash of personal growth that comes from expressing oneself. Add a jigger of intellectual stimulation and top it off with a cocktail umbrella of learning.

    Anyone thirsty?

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