Wonder Pets: animated teamwork for all ages

Wonder PetsWonder Pets is a relatively new, delightful cartoon series that I recommend for everyone, especially those in the 2 to 6 year old crowd. Three “pets” go on adventures around the planet to save animals caught in troublesome predicaments. The stories are told operetta style, with the characters (Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming) singing throughout.

In addition to being fun and entertaining, Wonder Pets creator Josh Selig built in a consistent lesson for children, namely teamwork. Selig, and his colleague Brown Johnson, explain their strategy in this NYTimes article.

“It was very deliberate on our part that the Wonder Pets not have any superpowers or special skills,” Mr. Selig said. “They can’t lift heavy objects. They can’t see through walls. But they rely on teamwork to save a young animal in distress. That is the message: through teamwork, you can achieve amazing things.”

Ms. Johnson added: “Little kids are undeniably self-absorbed. One of the things we all need to learn as we emerge in the world is how to get along with other people. Putting the concept of teamwork at the forefront puts a really positive spin on the idea of getting along with others.”

Whether you have a youngster in the house or only those young-at-heart, set your DVR to tape an episode or two of Wonder Pets. You won’t be disappointed!

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12 Responses to Wonder Pets: animated teamwork for all ages

  1. michelle demasi says:

    i am not sure if this is where i should be requesting anything but i have a 2 1/2 year old nephew and he is obssesed with the wonder pets. If he is in another room and hears you speaking of the show or even saying the name wonder pet he flips out yelling and telling you they are his. he sits in front of the tv laughing as hard as he can watching .

    i am trying to find dvds but no one is selling them yet and was wondering when because his third Birthday is in march and he would love it ,not more then me seeing his little face when he opens a wonder pet anything.

    so if someone can get back to me it would be appreciated.

    thank you,

    michelle Demasi

  2. Thanks for dropping by Michelle. The cartoon is addictive for kids at that age, because of the mix of cute characters, catchy songs and positive story line. My 5-year-old still gets a kick out of them, but 18 months ago he just went wild. Wonder Pets really instills the concept of teamwork in children, too. Just this morning for breakfast little man said, “Daddy, I’ll pour the cereal and you pour the milk – that’s teamwork.”

    I am not much of a resource regarding Wonder Pets on DVD. However, I did notice this blurb announcing that some early Wonder Pets episodes are available on iTunes. I have not verified that information.

    Happy sailing!

  3. […] the form of the Wonder Pets, at least for pre-schoolers who watch Nick Jr. I wrote before that the Wonder Pets are animated teamwork for all ages, and I highly recommend the educational cartoon for youngsters (of all ages.) Here is some […]

  4. maria annand says:

    I am not sure where to go….but I would love to tell Josh Selig myself via email…just how wondeful I think Wonderpets is….I am a 44yr old mum of 3 boys and as a family we love this prog. beacuse of its beautiful music and song compositions….the story lines…the educational factor and the delivery of the words in such innocent tones and ways.It is so refreshing to come accross a true gem in the tv world for kids that is exceptionally funny,thought provoking,morally right and so much more.Even when the kids have gone to school…i find that i leave the prog on….and i am often heard humming the tunes…..please convey my heartfelt thanks for this,the saint of all kids programmes………maria annand…u.k. mum,teacher and graphic designer.

  5. Maria, Interesting thought to reach out to Josh Selig. I wonder…

    How about it Josh – are you out there? Has Maria’s message reached you through this forum?

    If so, please drop us a line Josh Selig. Your Wonder Pets cartoon that appears on Nick Jr. has captured the imagination of pre-school children and many adults too!

    In case Josh isn’t a regular reader of Stronger Teams (imagine that), Maria and I might need some help. If you [reader] know Josh, or know anyone who might know someone who knows Josh Selig, please pass along the message requesting him to stop by and give us a shout.

    What’s gonna work? TEAMWORK

  6. Nicole says:

    I have a 6 month old who goes absolutely crazy over the Wonder Pets. I’ve been trying to find DVD’s and ANY toy, but have had no luck! Seeing how excited she gets at 6 months old over the Wonder Pets truly puts a smile on my face. Not to mention that my husband and I also enjoy the show! Please come out with DVD’s and toys!!! I would seriously buy one of everything and I’m sure a lot of other moms would do the same!

  7. pinche baby says:

    the phone is ringing…whats gonna work team work it’s really sheriish!! me and my friend here are both 16 and even we are stuck on the songs in the wonder pets love Carlos & Emily LOL ya!! bitch ya!!

  8. mary says:

    I’m a 64 year old grandmother working as a patient relations representative in a physical rehabilitation hospital in New York. I have been watching wonder pets with my one year old grandson who is as enthralled with the show as I am.
    Part of my job is to teach new employees the value of caring and being nice to one another to achieve customer satisfaction. I have often used wonder pets as an example of teamwork and have considered showing the class an episode or two. I would love it if a video could be made available targeting employees (if there isn’t one already made) to help educate staff on this essential need.

  9. Danielle Dania says:

    Hi from Malaysia…
    Since wonder pets had been translated for malaysian viewers, my 7 years old sister really enjoys this amazing show . I can see that she is more interested to think in creative way, be cooperative and moreover she likes to make friends with others. Thanks to Linny, tuck, Ming-ming for saving animals in trouble…. you’re really cute!!

  10. raga says:

    Hi There

    Wonder Pet I love you Ming Ming And Linny Ming Ming its So My Favorite AND Linnny My So Love

  11. tatic says:

    ……its sooooooooooooooooooo cool….im palaying their theme song in youtube!!!…me and my peers are ur no1 fan mingming!!

  12. Cool site, love the info.

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