August Blog Tipping

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Rosa Say, author of Managing with Aloha, introduced me to the idea of Blog Tipping with this board posting last month.

This month, I would like to “tip” 4 blogs that I have found informative and, at times, fascinating!

Bob Sutton’s Work Matters is consistently interesting and provocative. I “strongly” identify with his post from earlier this month Strong Opinions, Weakly Held. Author of several books, Sutton’s latest, The No Asshole Rule, seems destined to be a must-read.

Ken Thompson’s The Bumble Bee routinely presents intriguing lessons for human teams from the world of nature. If you are not familiar with “bioteams”, check out this introduction.

Lisa Haneberg’s Management Craft provides energizing and practical advise for managers, whether in leadership teams or front-line operations. In a recent post, she eloquently states why she views management as a craft, why craft occurs in revision, and why it is important to polish your craft. I haven’t had a chance to get Lisa’s new book yet, but Focus Like a Laser Beam has received some great reviews.

Finally, Even though I am not in technology, per se, I always look forward to new posts on Skip Angel’s Random Thoughts from a CTO. Odds are, you will too. As a new blogger, I am particularly taking to heart his recent post, Finding Your Voice.

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One Response to August Blog Tipping

  1. Nice work! Fine links – it’s always a joy for me to discover new blogs just by following the blogtipping meme around the Web.

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