Tip: Bookend your meetings

In this post Rosa Say has a great strategy for making the most of meetings. Her tip is to schedule "bookends" before and after meetings, for Prep and De-Briefing. This means literally blocking out time in your scheduler program on both sides of the meeting time – then sticking with the commitment to prep and de-brief (which might be easier said than done). I especially like two of the Prep ideas:

  • Gather everything you will need; strive to dazzle your appointment with how prepared you are for them.
  • Do a mental roll-call of all the people who will be there, and compile your questions and outstanding items for them, whether related to the subject matter at hand or not.

I agree that team meetings are most effective when I, and others, are fully prepared to conduct the business at hand, and when necessary follow-up occurs based on meeting outcomes. Put another way, when participants do not prep and follow-up, meetings can waste valuable time and effort.

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